Selecting the correct polymer can influence the overall success of any given project. The polymer can provide additional electrical, mechanical and thermal capabilities to a conventional design. It can also save weight and is a potential cost down.

Polymer characteristics are particularly important in Telecommunications & Aerospace applications. Components such as antennas structures and filter components benefit from the reduced weight and lower thermal mass provided. The dielectric and loss tangent characteristics can be selected to optimise the overall performance of any design. The benefits of a moulded solution enhance and simplify the design and or the overall manufacturing / assembly program.

Additive manufacturing techniques have created the opportunity for design and development costs to be kept at a minimum. We have developed systems to process these materials enabling a full evaluation prior to continued low volume production from the additive rout or before commissioning mould tools.

We are working with and adding new POLYMERS, FABRICATED COMPOSITES and CERAMICS all the time, so contact us to discuss your preferred material choice. 


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